Breakfast w/ Deskmates – Monthly gathering at D Block


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Breakfast with Deskmates is a monthly event series at D Block, where members are sharing their experiences, works and goals in order to get to know each other better.


Every month, members of D Block workspace at Stamba start a Tuesday morning together with the breakfast, which continues with interesting conversations and can be a starting point of potential collaborations.


At the first gathering of 2024, Tornike Tsiramua from the startup ‘Biliki.AI’, Nincho Jeiranashvili from ‘Chelti Winery’ and Levan Labartkava from Real Estate Agency ‘Lealtor’ talked about their companies' stories of creation and upcoming plans.

Biliki. AI


A personalized travel guide that generates a customized tour for you anywhere in the world in seconds.


"Today, in this busy world, we spend an average of 5-7 days planning a trip, and Biliki.AI simplifies this process by planning a personalized tour to any country in seconds.

Travelling is one of the most valuable investments in life, and one of the best ways to learn new things, relax and heal.” - Tornike Tsiramua, co-founder of the app Biliki.


Download the app by visiting here.

Chelti Winery


The story of "Chelti" winemaking begins in the 20th century. In the 1900s, the ancestors of the Mirianashvili family built one of the largest wine cellars in the village of Shilda.


Since then, winegrowing has been an integral activity for the Mirianashvili family.


"Chelti is the only Georgian wine that was presented at the wedding of the British royal court." - Nincho Jeiranashvili, Head of Marketing


For more information about Chelti winemaking, please visit the link.


Lealtor is an essential tool for real estate agents. Using this tool, realtors can reach a large audience of potential buyers and sellers. At the same time, it helps them save time and close deals in cooperation with other agents.


„Lealtor is an innovative platform for the real estate market in Georgia, which will help agencies to make deals with each other. Through this platform, real estate agents who want to buy and sell properties will be able to make deals together, thus accelerating the development of the real estate market in Georgia." - Levan Labartkava, founder of Lealtor


For more information about the platform, visit the link.

This was the first meeting of the year in this format. Breakfast With Deskmates will be organized every month in D Block.