5 Advantages of Working During Evening Hours


The concept of evening and weekend work has garnered increased attention, particularly as D Block's coworking space now offers corresponding services to its users. Today, we'll explore some key benefits associated with working during weekends and after hours.

1. Tranquil Environment:

As the majority of companies operate within standard day hours, coworking spaces in Tbilisi experience significantly lower foot traffic during evenings and weekends. This scarcity of people creates an environment of unparalleled silence, making it an ideal time for those who thrive in a peaceful setting, minimising distractions and enhancing productivity.

  2. Personal Preferences

Choosing to work in the evenings is not solely reserved for those easily distracted. Some individuals find themselves more motivated and active during nighttime. Various factors can influence this preference, including genetics, circadian rhythm, distinct brain activities, lifestyle choices, and developed habits.

3. No Traffic

The night streets of Tbilisi offer a more relaxed traffic flow, allowing for quicker commutes to the workspace. This saves time and conserves energy, providing an additional resource for enhanced productivity.

4. Job Combination

For those working from home, evening hours and weekends present an opportunity to seamlessly integrate multiple activities into their schedules. For example, individuals managing full-time jobs alongside freelance projects can efficiently utilise these non-traditional hours to accomplish additional tasks.

5. Collaboration Potential:

Coworking spaces inherently provide opportunities for collaboration, and non-standard hours often attract individuals with common interests. Working during evenings and weekends increases the likelihood of encountering like-minded professionals, fostering valuable connections both in terms of work projects and personal relationships.

A Final Note

As demonstrated, there are compelling reasons for those who choose to work after standard hours. Whether seeking tranquillity, capitalising on personal energy peaks, optimising commute times, juggling multiple responsibilities, or exploring collaborative opportunities, the advantages of evening work are diverse. Considering these benefits, assessing personal productivity during non-standard hours is worthwhile.