About D Block Workspaces

D Block is a collaborative working space created by the team of Adjara Group - one of the leading multidirectional holdings in Georgia, recognized worldwide. In architectural floor plans, “D BLOCK” marked an entire building tied to the main wing of Stamba Hotel. Our first creative hubs were created here, and the first models of the collaborative working environment were born.

We offer offices, desks, productivity spaces, and advanced amenity solutions for an outstanding working experience. Our workspaces - planned by notable industry experts - facilitate on mental concentration, creativity, and focus with ergonomic furniture, noise-canceling features, comfortable desks, curated lighting, and many more. We are proud of the latest technological systems and custom-made, user-friendly software that makes co-working with us smooth and comfortable.

With an environment focused on mutual benefit, growth, and success, the D block prioritizes new connections, knowledge exchange, and cross-collaborations. Our network-centric spaces and curated programs focus on innovations, collectivity, and creating new ecosystems.